I didn't get the Gems for my completed Special Missions!

Before sending in a Customer Support inquiry

Before sending in an inquiry about missing Gems for Special Missions, please note the following:

  • All requirements for a Special Mission must be met completely before rewards can be given out. If you cancel the Special Mission before ending it or uninstall any of the apps involved in Special Missions prematurely, your reward will not be credited.
  • Attempting the same offer twice (be it in Nonstop Knight or any other app or website) will not credit you an additional reward.
  • Every special mission must be accessed from within the game.
  • We recommend that you are accessing and carrying out Special Missions only if you are on a strong and steady internet connection.

Once you have met all requirements of a Special Mission, the reward payout should happen within the next 24 hours.

Your Special Mission status is "Pending" or "Cancelled"

Note the following if you have completed the Special Mission properly but still have not received your rewards - either due to an error or because the status of your Special Mission is still shown as "Pending" or "Rejected":

flaregames has no influence on when rewards for Special Missions are being paid out. This is entirely taken care of by third party providers.

Should the status of your Special Mission still be "Pending", one of the following might be the case:

  • You have not completely met all requirements of the Special Mission for payout yet.
  • Your Special Mission payout is still in review by the third party provider. This might especially be true for such missions that span over a larger period of time (such as a 30 day trial). In such cases, you might not be paid out instantly, or not at all if you cancel the trial before meeting the required timeframe.

Your gems were not paid out 24 hours after fully completing the Special Mission with all requirements

It often helps to restart the app if your payout for Special Missions is not being triggered.

After 24 hours if you feel that your reward should have been credited, please contact the dedicated Customer Support for these third party offers via the following email address: When contacting their support, be sure to send in evidence of completion of the Special Mission in question (usually in form of a screenshot). You should also keep all other proofs of completion ready (such as PIN numbers, confirmation texts, member registrations, payment receipts, invoices, or similar). Please also include the name of the Special Mission (or offer/app) you have taken advantage of. Please allow the support a reasonable amount of time to process and to answer your requiry.

Third Party Support is not replying to your inquiry

Third party provider Support will do the best to assist you with your issue as speedy as possible. All tickets will be looked into and answered in the order they are received. So please give the support a reasonable amount of time to get back to you concerning your inquiry. If you feel that you have been rejected unjustly, please send an inquiry to flaregames Customer Support and we will do our best to work out a solution with you and the third party provider.

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