How can I make sure my account is saved in the cloud?

Saving your game in the cloud can help you recover it in case you should lose access to your account.

iOS - Gamecenter

On iOS, you can save your account using Game Center by following the steps below:

  • Log in to a valid Game Center account. You can find the option to do so in the Game Center section of your device's settings menu.
  • Start the game and check if you receive a Game Center message at the beginning of the game
  • If so, your account is now saved in Game Center.
  • If not, try logging out and back in to Game Center, then start the game again.

Android - Google Play

On Android, you can use the Google Play Services to save your game:

  • You can find the corresponding options in the Google section of your device's settings, under Play Games
  • You can also check if ZGS is properly connected by checking if it is listed under Apps connected in the same menu
  • When your game is connected, you should receive a small pop-up message each time you start the game
  • You can also check your connection status in the in-game settings menu, accessible through the small gear icon in the top right of you base view
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