How can I transfer my progress to a different device?

As long as your devices run the same operating system (iOS/Android), you can use the respective cloud service (Game Center/Google Play) to move your account between devices.

For Steam, please back-up the files from the following location:
c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Zombie Gunship Survival\savedata_vir\

Note: Due to techncial limitations, it is not possible to link/migrate an account from Mobile to Steam -or vice versa- at this point in time.

If you wish to transfer your account to a device with a different operating system (iOS <--> Android), you need to get in touch with our customer support team.

Please note, however, that we can only offer a complete transfer in the sense that you will exclusively be able to play your account on the new device. Synchronizing it between devices and playing on all of them simultaneously is technically not possible.

Before getting in touch with us, you can help us transferring your account faster by following the instructions below.

  • start the game on the device on which you which to continue playing
  • play until you can choose a name for the new account
  • choose a new name and note it down

When sending your message, also make sure to include as many of the necessary details as possible:

  • include the exact name of your old AND new account (mind spaces, numbers, special characters, or upper-case letters you might have used)
  • include the user ID of your new account (visible at the bottom of the in-game settings menu under "USER:")
  • include some information that proves your ownership of the old account:
    • account registration date
    • last login date
    • estimate of your current amount of ingame currencies (gold/metal/supplies)
    • a copy of the receipt you received for your last in-game purchase (if applicable)

Your account can then be transferred once our support team has received and verified these details. 

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