What is the Pro-League?

The Pro-League is a new competitive mode in Royal Revolt 2 which will challenge you with a series of 12 PvE levels that you must complete using pre-defined hero items and unit rosters.

The Pro-League is all about skills, a tournament to find out who the best raider in the realm of Royal Revolt 2 is!

How often does the Pro-League run and when can I join it?
Pro-League seasons will take place every week starting on Fridays at 09:00 UTC and ending on Tuesday at 12:00 UTC. Players can join the running Pro-League until Monday 18:00 UTC. The option to join the Pro-League will be available again once the next Pro-League has started.


How can I participate in a Pro-League season?
To participate, your Throne Room must be level 10 and you must be in possession of a Pro-League ticket. Once a ticket has been used, you get access to the current Pro-League season until it ends.


How and when can I get a free Pro-League ticket?
You can collect your free Pro-League ticket once a month from the Pro-League menu. To celebrate the launch of the Pro-League mode, a free ticket is available 7 days after the very first Pro-League season (Thursday 20th July 2017 at 11:00 UTC)

Once a Pro-League ticket is available, you must collect it in order to restart the countdown and collect another free ticket after 28 days. If you do not collect the available free ticket, the ticket count will stay at 1 ticket until it has been collected.


How many Pro-League tickets can I have?
You can be in possession of as many Pro-League tickets as you want.


For how long can I participate in a Pro-League season?
Once you have used a Pro-League ticket to participate in the ongoing league, you can play until it ends or have used all your play-time (35 in-battle minutes across 12 levels). If you joined the season as soon as it started, you will have roughly 4 days to complete the season.

Note that you can only join a season until Monday 18:00 UTC of the week the season ends.


What happens once I've joined the ongoing season?
Once joined, you will be allocated 35 minutes of total play-time to complete the 12 levels and each level can be completed in a maximum of 4:15 minutes. Only the time spent during levels will be deducted from your total play-time.

If you have less than 4:15 minutes left of total play-time, the time allowed to complete a level will be what you have left in total.

E.g. you are joining the current Pro-League season and starting with a total play-time of 35 minutes. You are on the Pro-League map and selecting the level you want to play: you are not losing any time of your total play-time.

You decided to play the first level and spent 2 minutes to complete it. You are back on the Pro-League map and your total play-time left is now displaying 33 minutes.

You then decided to take a couple of days off and came back to the game with the intention to progress further in the current Pro-League season that last for another 4 days.

You appear on the Pro-League map where you last left your hero with 33 minutes left of total play-time to complete the other levels or do better in those you previously played.

Can I play with my usual hero level, items and units?
All players who join the Pro-League play with the same hero setup and units. Furthermore, scrolls and revives cannot be used. The intention is that all players have the same setup and must work on their tactics to be the best.

What if I die during a level?
If you hero died during a level, you will have to retreat and come back to the Pro-League map where you can restart that level at no cost. The only negative is that the in-battle time spent on failing that level will be deducted from your total play-time, so it is your decision to re-attempt it or move to the next level.

A Pro-League ticket is only required once to join the ongoing Pro-League season and your access will be valid until the season ends.

How many times can I retry a level?
You can retry a level as many times as you want as long as you still have play-time. Once you have used all your play-time (35 minutes from joining the season), you won’t be able to continue playing in the current league.

How often do you change the setup of the Pro-League?
The setup of the Pro-League (hero items, spells and units) changes every league (weekly). However, it is possible to rearrange the order of spells and items in these slots according to your preferences. 


How do I unlock levels?
To unlock the next level, you must have completed at least 1% of the previous level.

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