The Odyssey: General Information

The Odyssey is an additional PvE oriented content for players in all level ranges. The Odyssey event takes place every week and lasts up to five days. Players can choose the difficulty level of their Odyssey and gain greater rewards by taking higher risks.

Every Odyssey consists of five Adventures and the Odyssey ends when the player has completed all the Adventures or when he runs out of time. Within the given timeframe, it is up to the player when he wants to play each Adventure of an Odyssey.

Every Adventure consists of multiple battles (islands) on the Odyssey Map which is separate from the regular island map. To start the Adventure, you are required to spend Gold. The exact amount depends on the chosen difficulty level.

The next Adventure becomes available only when the current Adventure has been completed (meaning all battles were won). The player can start an Adventure only if there is at least one hour left before the end of an Odyssey. This is done so that the player is given enough time to complete all battles.

To join the Odyssey, you need to build a Harbor. This can first be done when reaching level 20. Once it is built, you can enter the Harbor to plan your Odyssey and set sail for an Adventure. The Harbor also gives you an overview of enhanced powers that you can claim for successfully finishing an Odyssey. Upgrading the Harbor unlocks the ability to select higher difficulty levels. The maximum Harbor level is 8 while the highest difficulty that can be selected is 10.

The higher the set difficulty, the higher the amount of Fame you can earn, which means you'll be able to gain higher chests.

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