What rewards can I win in the Pro-League?


All participants will receive Crystals (the new Pro-League currency) and Pro-Chests.

How can I get Crystals?
You can get Crystals by playing the different levels in the Pro-League, for your final position in the leaderboard and/or from inside Pro-Chests.

What can I spend my Crystals on?
Crystals can be used to purchase unique and very powerful Pro-Items, Pro-Chests and Pro-Pals from the Pro-shop.

What are Pro-Chests and how can I get them?
Pro-Chests are one of the rewards that you can get by competing in the Pro-League. You will receive Pro-Chest(s) once the season has ended. The amount and the quality of Pro-Chests are based on your final placement in the season leaderboard. The higher your placement, the more Pro-Chests you can get and the better the content of those Chests will be.

Pro-Chests can contain Pro-Items, Crystals, Gems, Pearls, Pal-treats and Pro-League tickets.

What are the Pro-items?
Pro-Items have a new Pro-Rarity. When obtained, they already have the stats of an almost maxed out Uber-Item and can be pearl-upgraded even further. Also, each Pro-Item will provide a +1 to the new Pro-Bonus (a useful set of bonuses such as XP-Bonus, Medal Boost, Gold Boost etc. all on one item). Wearing several Pro-Items will increase those bonuses even more. A perfect 10/10 Pro-Bonus will be achieved by equipping 9 Pro-Items and a Pro-Pal. Pro-Items can only be obtained from the Pro-Shop or from Pro-Chests, but can be used anywhere else in the game.

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