Pro-League chests

When it comes to the Pro-League chests, you have to be aware that:

  • If you have a higher rank, you will find more rewards in the chests, and have more chances to find a Pro Item.
  • If you have a higher rank, you have a greater chance of finding Pro Items in the pro-league chests.

These two factors in combination mean that, if players reach a high rank, chances are very high to find a lot of Pro Items, whereas if someone reaches a lower rank, they may not find as many, despite having a similar number of chests to open.

However, it is still possible for someone with a lower rank (who is very lucky) to find many items, just as it is possible for someone with a higher rank to find fewer items (although the chance is higher for a high-rank player) as contents is still randomised and not predetermined. We do not target any of the players with unique randomisation.

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