What are the different subscriptions?

Subscriptions are new offers that can be purchased in-game. All available pack types offer their own selection of Subscription benefits.

There are currently three different subscription packages:

  • Pro Package
    • Free ticket cooldown reduced from the usual 28 to 7 days
      • allows you to participate in Pro-Leagues every week without the need to purchase additional Pro-Tickets
      • note that the weekly free ticket still needs to be collected from the Free Pro-Ticket Tab in the Pro-League menu
    • Three additional Wardrobe Slots
    • Vanity slot - able to change visual appearance of any item
      • additional slots are only available as long as the subscription is active
  • Alliance Package  
    • +1% tax bonus for every Alliance member who is subscribed to this package
    • Alliance Donation cooldown is reduced to 8 hours for the subscriber
    • Alliance Members (including the subscriber) receive one Daily Gem Chests (10 Gems) per subscriber in the Alliance
      • i.e. 3 subscribers in an Alliance will grant a total of 30 Gems to every member each day.
  • Kingdom Package
    • Permanent Production Boosts (Farm, Tavern, and Blacksmith)
    • All upgrade timers (Buildings, Troops etc.) are reduced by 50%
    • Blacksmith Pearl forging cooldowns are reduced by 50%
    • Permanent Gold Shield

For more details on the exact contents of each pack, also make sure to check the descriptions available in-game.

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