What are Festivals?

What are Festivals? 

Festivals are themed events that are sometimes held in Royal Revolt 2. While the rules and duration of these events can vary, the principle is the same. Players get to play challenging battles to earn as many crowns as possible. These crowns are added to your total, which is displayed in the Festival menu. Each time you reach 15 crowns you unlock a free festival chest containing unique festival currency!

For details about a specific Festival, please refer to the corresponding announcement for it on our website (

What can I buy with Festival currency? 

Festival currency, which can be found in festival chests, can be spent on hero items that are unique to that Festival! You can buy them from the festival store, which you can find by selecting the festival banner at the top of the screen. Although these items are exclusive to the festival, you will still be able to keep these items after the festival has ended. 





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