Alliances: General Knowledge

  • How can I access the different Alliance features?

You need to build the Alliance Tower (available with Throne Room level 2). Be careful, you need Gems to build or upgrade this building.


  • How can I create an alliance?

Tap on the Alliance emblem (shield) at the right of your screen.

Tap on Form Alliance

You will have to pay 50,000 Gold.

You can choose the name you wish to use for your Alliance, set up an Alliance message, and select up to two languages which will represent your Alliance.

You can also select between 3 different joining options for your Alliance:

Open: Everyone can join your Alliance

Apply to Join: Players need to apply and be accepted by a General or the Leader to join the Alliance

Invite Only: Players need to be invited by a General or the Leader

You will be able to edit these settings afterwards, but be careful, the name of the Alliance cannot be changed again later on.


  • How can I join an Alliance?

Tap on the Alliance emblem (shield) on the right of your screen.

Tap on Join Alliance

A short list of Alliances will be offered to you, feel free to join one of those, or look for another one.

If you want to look for an Alliance in particular, tap on the Search button (magnifying glass).

You can look for the Alliances using the Leaderboard, or type the name of the Alliance you would like to join at the top of the screen.

If the button to join the Alliance is greyed out, it means the Alliance is in Invite Only mode.

If the button says Apply, it means the Alliance is in Apply to Join mode.

If the button only says Join and is clickable, it means the Alliance is open for you to join.


  • How can I leave an Alliance?

Tap on the Alliance emblem (shield) at the right of your screen

Tap on Alliance Info "Open"

Tap on "Quit"

Confirm your decision


  • I am a General or the Leader. How can I kick a player from the Alliance?

You just have to go to the profile of the player (by clicking on the (!) next to his/her name) and tap on "Kick from Alliance".


  • I am the leader of the Alliance. How can I promote someone to General?

You have to follow the same steps as for kicking a player, but instead of tapping on "Kick from Alliance", you just have to tap on "Promote".

Be careful, if the player is already a General, this action will promote him/her to Leader.


  • How can I change the colour frame of my Emblem?

The frame of your Emblem changes automatically depending on your ranking in the War Season.

1st: Gold frame

2nd: Silver frame

3rd: Bronze frame

4th and onward: Wood frame


  • How can I unlock new Emblems?

You can unlock them by conquering Fiefdoms in the Alliance War Seasons.


  • How can I communicate with other people from my Alliance?

You can access the Alliance chat by tapping on the Chat on your Castle screen.


  • How can I send a message on the chat?

You have to tap on the Enter (arrow) button on Android, or on the Return button on iOS.

On Windows, you just have to tap on Enter.


  • What happens if I attack one of my Alliance members?

You will only be able to test their base, you cannot loot Gold, Medals, or Trophies while attacking your team mates.


  • What are the different Ranks in an Alliance, and what are their rights?

Leader: This player is the owner of the Alliance, he/she has all the power.

General: Right Hand of the Leader, this player (or these players) can recruit other players, kick players, spend the Gold stored in the treasure of the Alliance to activate boosts or level up the Alliance, name a player Champion or shield them

Soldier: This player can donate to the Alliance and prolong or enable Boosts by using his/her own Gold. This player cannot kick or recruit any other players. Soldiers can be shielded or named Champion by a General or the Leader.


  • What happens if the Leader is flagged as inactive?
If the Leader is inactive during an extended period of time, the Leadership will automatically be transferred to another player. This automatic mechanism serves to prevent "leaderless" alliances, should an alliance leader choose to quit the game or take a longer break.
Unfortunately, the support team cannot directly edit alliance ranks due to technical limitations in their system. In order to regain your position, please make sure to contact the current leader and ask for a promotion.
  • What is the Tax Bonus?
The Tax Bonus grants you a percentage of free bonus gold and affects all donation types. It gets higher with more and more Fiefdoms conquered. The maximum is 30%. 
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