The Blacksmith


What are the key benefits of the Blacksmith?

  • Melt down unused Hero-Items allowing you to earn Pearls in return
  • Upgrade and improve your favorite pieces of equipment, Spells, Units, and Towers using these Pearls.


How to meltdown items?

  • The easiest way to earn Pearls is to melt down Hero-Items you no longer need at the Blacksmith. You'll have to pay some Gold to the Blacksmith, but when he is finished melting down your item, you’ll receive Pearls in return.
  • The amount of Pearls you get per item is dependent on the Gold value of that item.
  • The duration the Blacksmith needs to meltdown an item is mainly dependent on the amount of pearls the item provides, your amount of melting slots, and the building level of the Blacksmith
  • Inside the Blacksmith building, you can unlock new Slots, allowing you to queue up more items for meltdown. Adding slots will additionally speed-up the processing of the items inside the Forge (you will get Pearls faster) and it will increase the amount of Pearls you will get from an item you decide to melt down. If you have multiple items that you want to meltdown, you can select them all by checking the box on the items in the Blacksmith. 


How to upgrade items?

  • When upgrading a item, you can choose its main stat or a Perk to improve.
  • There is a certain chance that an upgrade will succeed. The success rate is very high at the beginning and reduces with each successful upgrade.
  • The longer the green portion of the circle around the item in comparison to the red part, the more likely a succesful upgrade is.
  • Every individual upgrade can only fail once "in a row". The attempt directly after a fail is guaranteed to succeed.
  • After each successful upgrade, the forged item needs to cool down a bit, and thus cannot be upgraded for some time. However, the improved item can be used in battle instantly.
  • The Pearl price for starting the upgrade process depends on the item level and the amount of successful upgrades for this item.


How to upgrade Spells, Units or Towers?

  • In order to upgrade a Spell, Unit, or Tower, you have to click on the Pearls upgrade button (the button with a small purple hammer on it).
  • You can then choose which Perk you want to improve. Unlike for Hero Items, you cannot remove a Perk. 

Is it possible to meltdown items/upgrades items while upgrading the forge?

  • No, it is not possible to meltdown items while you are upgrading the forge, a conflict screen will appear if you try to do so.
  • However, it is possible to upgrade items while you are upgrading the forge. 

What does the number in the yellow flag at the right of the gear means?

  • This is the current level of the gear.
  • If you upgrade your gear, an additional number (by example +1) will appear under it. It is the amount of times the gear has been upgraded.

What are Uberperks:

  • Uber Items will always have 2 Perks.
  • The Uber Items introduce exclusive new Perks for your item's 2nd Perk slot. 

Can I have three perks on trinkets (belt, ring, boots)?

  • No, trinkets can never have a main stat. They will only ever have a first and second perk. 

How are the perks attributed to the items? Is it random?

  • Yes, you will receive a random Perk on your item. If you remove the Perk and successfully receive another Perk, this one will be random as well.
  • However, not all perks can appear on all types of items. More aggressive perks, for example, will appear on weapons, but never on pieces of armor.
  • There is also a Hero level limit for some Perks, so some Perks can only appear if you have reached a certain level. 

How do the new attributes for troops work? Do they work in defense and offense?

  • No, the Perks work only for Troops in offense, when you are attacking another player. 

Can I get one of the new Perks on an old Perk slot?

  • No, only the old Perks can appear on the 1st slot. The new Perks can only appear on the 2nd slot.

Where can I see the Boosts given to my troops or spells by the special Perks?

  • You can see these Boosts by going to the preparation screen before a battle, then tap on a Troop or Spell as if you wanted to change for another one.
  • From there, you can see the change in the stats of the units, indicated by green numbers.
  • Their boosted stats do not show up in the Barracks or the Wizard's Tower

The improvement displayed 0,1%, but the stats of my Item didn't change, why is this?

  • The reason your item didn't upgrade, was because our system is rounding up/down values on the UI, the next time you forge your item, it should show the improvement you are looking. The upgrade is nonetheless applied and you benefit from it!
  • For example, if the initial exact value is 4.86 (rounded to 4.9) and you have an upgrade of 0.08 (rounded to 0.1), the new value will be 4.94 (rounded to 4.9).
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