Elite Boosts & War Boosts

  • What are Elite Boosts & War Boosts?

Elite Boosts are timed bonuses to your regular troops or structures that make them stronger and give them unique abilities. Elite Boosts are only available to players that are in an Alliance. 

War Boosts are special new Boosts available for free before a War Season starts. They are only available for one Season at a time. You can only prolong them until the end of a Season, and, if you don't, you will not be able to reactivate them later on.


  • How do I activate Elite Boosts?

Elite Boosts can be activated by an Alliance Leader or General in the Alliance menu by clicking on the Elite Boost card.

The gold that is required will be taken from the Alliance treasury and the Boost will be available to all players that are member of the Alliance afterwards.

Regular Alliance Members can also activate the Elite Boosts manually for their entire Alliance but will have to purchase them for real money. In this case, no Alliance Gold will be used to activate the Boost. 

As your Alliance rises in level, additional and more powerful Elite Boosts will become available. Every time a new Elite Boost is unlocked, it is also activated for free immediately. This does not apply for new levels of existing Boosts,only for entirely new Boost types!


  • How do I prolong/upgrade Elite Boosts?

Elite Boosts can be upgraded just like regular units using Alliance gold. Upgrading a running Elite Boost will not only make it stronger, but also prolongs its running time!

The maximum level to which an Elite Boost can be upgraded is determined by your Alliance’s level. 

Just like with their initial activation, Elite Boosts can be upgraded by regular Alliance Members once they are active using real money. 


  • How long do the special Elite Boosts last that you activate by winning the War Season?
The Boosts are activated for 24 hours upon winning the War Season. They can be prolonged until the next War Season in which you can earn them again. The special Boosts can be prolonged by spending Alliance gold like their regular counterparts. 
  • What determines the level of special Elite Boosts?
The level of the Alliance War Boosts is determined by the number of Fiefdoms that your Alliance owns.
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