The Dungeon

The Dungeon underneath the Royal Castle lets you fight through various levels with increasing difficulty. Beating these levels will award you with gold, gems, items and other unique rewards. 
Digging a tunnel through the Dungeon takes time and you will have to use a worker for every tunnel that you want to dig. Once you have reached a Dungeon door, you can attempt to defeat the dangers that lie behind it for a reward. 
Like with regular attacks, attempting to beat a Dungeon level will cost a certain amount of bread. Earning the reward will require players to destroy all enemy structures.
Besides gold, items, and gems, players can also unlock four different kind of monsters in the Dungeon and recruit them into their army. 
Beating a monster level for the first time will unlock that monster for your King and he will be able to use it in combat. Beating another level for the same monster will unlock a stronger version of that monster. This is the only way to upgrade these monsters. 
The max. levels for the individual monsters are:
● Ogre: Max. level 6
● Gargoyles: Max. level 5
● Mummy: Max. level 5
● Werewolf: Max. level 4
Later Dungeon levels offer big rewards but are extremely difficult to beat. If you can’t beat a level immediately, make sure to level your hero, shop for better gear, upgrade your troops and spells and come back later. 
Dungeon Levels can be beaten again after finishing them for the first time but will only offer a small reward.
  • Can I play the Dungeon Mission offline?
Sadly, playing the dungeon missions offline is not possible since the game still needs to be online to credit your rewards.

  • I cannot enter the dungeon and I receive a message saying that it is not fully loaded yet.
On older and slower devices, downloading and installing the necessary files for the Dungeon may take a while. In order to speed up this process as much as possible, simply stay idle on the main castle screen without opening any menus or taking any actions.
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