My Influence purchase didn't go through (Windows)

Most purchase transactions (be they Influence in this game or other purchases in different apps) go smoothly. However, it might be possible that single transactions or requests from the Windows Store get delayed or result in errors. This might be one reason it can occasionally take a little while for your purchase to be delivered. If you experience such a delay, please be patient for a little longer.

In the meanwhile, don't attempt to make the same purchase again. As your previous order might still be processed, you will mostly likely end up getting charged multiple times. Please note that it is not possible for us to refund such additional purchases.

What you can do instead is to try restarting the game and see if the server just needed a fresh connection in order to deliver your purchased Influence.

If you still haven't received your gems after 24 hours, we recommend checking your Windows Purchase History to check your order's status and see if there are any problems with it. Should there be any issues with your order, please contact the Windows Support. They will check what went wrong and will try their best helping you to fix your problem.

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