Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly happens to my account when I don’t play for a while? Will I go inactive? If so, when exactly?

If you don’t log into your game for 7 days, your account’s status will be set to "inactive". Inactive accounts no longer show up on the Leaderboards or for matchmaking purposes.

However, such accounts will remain a member of their Alliance - but will be marked inactive for all other members. If the inactive account was the Leader of an alliance, leadership will be automatically transferred to the General that has been a member of the alliance for the longest period of time.

You can reactivate your account at any point by simply logging into the game again.


  • What are Decorations?

Decorations are aesthetic elements for your Island which allow you to optically customize your Island to your likings. You can use some Decorations in both your City and your Defenses, but some cannot be used in your Defenses.

They currently do not provide any additional advantages besides improving the looks of your Mount Olympus. However, they will play a more important role in future updates.


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