Keep your account safe.

The following steps will help you keep your account safe:
Use Game Center to save your game.
Please connect your device and game to Game Center. This will guarantee that your game progress is always stored and that you can restore or transfer your progress should it become compromised by resetting your phone, losing your phone, or from other unforseen mishaps. This service is free and is the optimal way to safe your data. To find out how to bind your game to Game Center, please read the "Save your account with Game Center" thread which can be found in the "Account" section of this FAQ.
Don't share your data!
We use sensitive data about players' accounts to recover them in case they got lost. Giving out information about your account (name, Influence amount, registration date, and so on) to anyone but the flaregames Customer Care team can lead to a security risk for your account. Please don't share your account information or screenshots of your game with other players in the game, on the internet or via instant messaging services. We are not held accountable for account loss or hacking caused by information that was given away by the players to any third party.
Don't believe any hack or cheat sites!
There are several fake sites on the internet that try and trick you by offering false promises of tools that give you free Influence, resources or other benefits in the game. These tools do not work and are considered malware. This means they attempt to steal data from your device and/or game account if you should choose to install them. They also are a security threat for your computer or device in general.
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