I want to transfer or sync my game to another device. (iOS)

Transferring or syncing your Dawn of Steel game requires you to connect your Dawn of Steel game to Game Center (please refer to the Account section to see how this can be done). Once your game is stored through Game Center, you have the following options:

Transfer the game to another iOS device:
- On the destination device, login with the Game Center account that is connected to the game you want to transfer
- Install the game on the destination device and launch it.
- You should now be reconnected to your old account automatically. It might be possible that a pop-up will appear asking you whether you want to switch to the account saved in Game Center or continue playing with the current account. If that happens, please choose to switch the saved account.

Sync the game between two iOS devices:
- Enter the settings of your iOS device, scroll down until you see iCloud, and select that option. Turn on iCloud Drive, as well as Dawn of Steel in that submenu. Do this on both devices.
- Be sure to log in with the same Game Center account on both devices (this is the Game Center account that stores the Dawn of Steel game that you want to sync).
- Create a new game on your new device and play through the tutorial. The game will then ask you if you want to sign in using your existing account. Confirm this option. You should now be able to play on two devices simultaneously.

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