Why did I lose Influence - and can I get it back?

If you find some of your Influence is lower than it previously was, this is because it was somehow been spent in the game.

Dawn of Steel cannot use Influence autonomously, meaning any use and/or purchase of Influence must be requested and confirmed by the player. Of course, accidental purchases or interactions with influence are always a possibility. To limit such accidents, we have added confirmation steps within the game whenever possible. Whenever interacting with influence, you will be notified, and asked to proceed before spending any actual Influence.

The loss of Influence could be caused by a multiple number of reasons:
- Maybe someone else (friends, family members, etc.) has accessed your phone and spent Influence in the game
- Maybe you have logged in to your game on someone else's device and have not logged out again
- Maybe you didn't lock your screen and Influence interactions were accidentally triggered while having your phone in your pocket or similar

Unfortunately, we have to let you know that we cannot refund or compensate spent Influence since Dawn of Steel is a live, online multiplayer game and reversing changes would have effects on other players you are interacting with. Please understand that this would be unfair to other users.

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