Alliance Wars: General Knowledge

  • What are Alliance Wars?

Alliance Wars are special events usually happening every two weeks and lasting 5 days.

During this time, one pool of 6 Alliances will fight for gaining fiefdoms.

War Seasons usually last five days. Alliance Wars that are declared during this period to conquer another Alliance’s territory last for 23.5 hours.


  • How do Alliance Wars actually work?

Alliance Wars let players compete for lands and riches and offer unique rewards to the winners. You will be placed into a group with five other Alliances and have to conquer their territories (Fiefdoms) while defending your own. War Seasons last for five days. While the War Season is running, Alliance Leaders and Generals can attack other Alliances by initiating an 23.5 hour Attack War on their territory. Afterwards, the actual War is resolved by fighting the other Alliance’s members for a special currency known as Skulls.


  • What are the benefits of winning a War Season?
Alliances that successfully compete in Alliance Wars can earn various rewards.
The top 3 Alliances of each bracket will be rewarded with unique Elite Boosts that will be activated for free.
The Fiefdoms that an Alliance managed to conquer during an Alliance War will also be added to this Alliance’s overall Fiefdom count and result in a higher gold bonus for all Alliance Donations. 
  • How can I enter a War Season?
Your Alliance will automatically be placed into a War Season with other Alliances if it is eligible. You will need at least eight active members to compete. After joining, your Alliance will stay in the War Season as long as there is at least 1 active member. However, if your Alliance drops down to fewer than 5 people after joining, any Skulls earned will be negated and no longer count in the War Season. 
  • How do I earn/lose Skulls?
Skulls can be earned by attacking the members of an enemy Alliance that you are currently at war with. Every player yields a maximum number of Skulls that is calculated based on your and their level. You can only earn the maximum number of Skulls from every player once during a single Alliance War. 
You can usually only attack 10 times per war, so choose your targets wisely!
Skulls can be lost through other players attacking you successfully. If you notice that you are losing a lot of Skulls, try to improve your defenses to not be an easy target!
You can also increase the skulls your best players earn by nominating them as War Champions and protect your weaker players by placing a War Shield on them.
  • How is the overall number of Skulls that I contribute to an Alliance War calculated?
In every Alliance War, the top three out of ten battles that earned you the most Skulls will count in full towards the total amount of earned Skulls for your Alliance. After that, only a certain percentage of all other Skulls you earned beyond your top three battles will count towards the total result. 
  • How is matchmaking determined in the Alliance Wars?
Alliances will be matched against other alliances of comparable strength. The relative strength of an Alliance is determined by the total number of Fiefdoms it owns.
  • What happens if there is a tie in the number of Fiefdoms conquered during a War Season?
If Alliances conquer the same number of Fiefdoms, the number of Skulls earned throughout the entire War Season will become the deciding factor. If the number of Skulls is also equal, then a tie will be declared and both Alliances will have to share the same (lower) rank. This can lead to Seasons without a first place winner.
  • What are War Champions and how do they work?
Alliance Leaders and Generals can also name War Champions for each Alliance War. This allows the strongest members of an Alliance to support their team even further and collect more skulls.
A champion will earn an additional percentage of skulls per battle within one war. This bonus works from the moment the champion was assigned, so make sure to assign the champion as soon as the war starts.
Assigning champions costs alliance gold.
  • What are War Shields and how do they work?
For each Alliance War, the Leader and Generals can grant Shields to members of their alliance. This helps alliances to protect Kings with weaker defenses.
A shield will reduce the amount of skulls that this player can lose per battle within one war by a certain percentage. Shields work from the moment they are activated, so make sure to activate them as soon as a war starts to have the biggest benefit.
  • What happens to the Skulls of a player that leaves an Alliance mid-season?
Players who leave their Alliance during a war-season will lose all Skulls they have won in all running wars. However, all skulls that have been won against them by enemy players will be kept for the count of the enemy Alliance.
  • Can players change Alliances during the War Season?
Players can change their Alliance mid-season. However, after joining their new Alliance, they will have to wait 60 hours before they can earn skulls for their new Alliance. 
  • What happens if my Alliance has less than three Fiefdoms? Can we still enter into another War Season?
As long as your Alliance has at least eight members as soon as the next season starts, you will be automatically placed into another War Season and given the required number of Fiefdoms to get back up to three.
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