Friends & Vouchers

  • What are Vouchers?

Vouchers are a special currency that are earned whenever one of your voucherfriends reaches a new hero level. They can be redeemed for valuable rewards in the Voucher Bazaar.


  • How can I add a Voucher friend?

You can invite your friends to play Royal Revolt 2 with you and earn rewards as they grow stronger.
To invite a friend, use the “invite friends” button you can find in the new friends list, in your Alliance member list, or in the voucher bazaar. Choose a picture and hit the share button to send the invite to your friend. You can send it via email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and other channels. The message your friend receives always comes with a link to download Royal Revolt 2 and a friend code. After your friend has downloaded the game and has played through the tutorial, he can enter this code. From that moment on, you are automatically connected as friends.

As soon as your friend and you are connected, both of you earn vouchers as the other one reaches a new hero level. The vouchers are automatically rewarded to you.

You can also enter a Friendcode.

In order to do this, you just have to go to the Voucher Bazaar and tap on "Enter friendcode".

Please note that you can only enter a single friendcode per account as it is a one-time invitation code which serves as confirmation for the player who invited you to join the game.
In order to add more more players as voucherfriends, you need to send your friendcode to players that have not yet entered a code on their account.
Friend codes have to be entered before a player reaches level 10 with his character.



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