Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some players have up to five stars next to their name. How do I get those?

You get a star for competing in each league in the game.
The Leagues are as follows:

  • Bronze League -> Lasts 1 day. 25 gems reward for first place
  • Silver League -> Lasts 1 day. 45 gems reward for first place
  • Gold League -> Lasts 1 day. 75 gems reward for first place
  • Platinum League -> Lasts 2 days. 175 gems reward for first place
  • Diamond League -> Lasts 3 days. 375 gems reward for first place

The first four stars can be earned for simply competing in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum league respectively.

However, the fifth star can only be acquired by actually winning the Diamond League, making it the most prestigious star. 

  • Why do I only have a Sword and Shield next to my profile on the leaderboards while the others have two crossed Swords?

This is to make it clear that you can only test your base, without gaining or losing any Gold,Trophies or Medals, while you can attack the others to earn currency.

  • I protected my gold for seven days in total but did not get the “Gold Digger” achievement. What went wrong?

The rewards for protecting your gold are given when all three different types of gold shield have been purchased individually. For example, you will get the bronze achievement after protecting your gold for one day and the silver one for buying the three day shield.
Buying two three day shields and single day one will not give you the gold reward, however. Only buying the seven day shield will do that. Also, buying the three day shield first will not give you the bronze achievement. However, if you buy the one day shield after buying the three day shield, you will receive the bronze and silver achievement immediately.

  • Why do I lose Gold even if my Gold is protected in my Treasure Chamber?

If you have uncollected Gold in your Taverns, attackers may steal Gold from you there, even if the rest of your Gold is safely deposited in your Treasure Chamber. It will not be deducted from your normal amount of Gold (Displayed at the top left corner of your screen).

  • Why am I not able to attack some players? They are displayed as online when I try to attack them!

There are two explanations to this message:

  • The player is currently online and cannot be attacked for a certain time.
  • The player is currently already under attack and you have to wait until the player raiding him finishes his fight
  • What exactly happens to my account when I don’t play for a while? Will I go inactive? If so, when exactly?

If you don’t log into your game for 7 days, your account’s status will be set to “inactive”. Inactive accounts no longer show up on the leaderboards or for matchmaking purposes.

They will remain a member of the Alliance that they were a part of but will be marked as inactive for the other members. If your account was the leader of your alliance, leadership will be automatically transferred to the general that has been a member of your alliance the longest. Your account will also stay visible for players who favorited them.

You can reactivate your account at any point by simply logging in again.

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