Currencies in Royal Revolt 2

In Royal Revolt 2, you can find 5 different currencies.


This is the standard currency in Royal Revolt 2.

You can earn Gold:

  • From Taverns
  • From Chests in the Chamber of Fortune
  • From Magic Chests
  • By selling Items at Granny's shop
  • By successfully raiding other player bases
  • By trading Gems for Gold
  • By trading Vouchers for Gold
  • By completing Dungeon levels

You can use it for:

  • Upgrading your Buildings/Troops/Spells/Waves/Blueprints
  • Buying Items
  • Melting down Items at the Blacksmith
  • Making donations for your Alliance
  • Rerolling your opponent in the Matchmaking system



This is the most valuable currency in Royal Revolt 2.

You can earn Gems:

  • By purchasing one of the different Gem Packages
  • From Chests in the Chamber of Fortune
  • From Magic Chests
  • From opponents spending Gems while they attack your base (10 Gems spent across multiple attacks will give you 1 Gems, if your Hero's level is above 25, and your Throne Room is at least level 3)
  • By competing in the Leagues
  • By completing Tapjoy offers or watching Fyber videos (Android and iOS)
  • By completing Quests
  • By completing specific Dungeon levels

You can use them for:

  • Speeding up any upgrade
  • Buying Workers
  • Upgrading your Alliance Tower
  • Buying Hero gear
  • Using Scrolls in battle
  • Unlocking the 3rd Unit and Spell slots
  • Resurrecting your hero during a battle
  • Removing a Perk on your Items
  • Donations to your Alliance (Only available if you already bought Gems in the past)
  • Buying landscapes
  • Buying Gold Shields
  • Buying a special offer
  • Rerolling the selection of items at Granny's shop



This is a special currency used to improve your Kingdom.

You can earn Pearls:

  • By spending Gems (3 Pearls for every 10 Gems spent)
  • By melting down Items at the Blacksmith
  • In the Chamber of Fortune
  • In the Magic Chests

You can use them for:

  • Upgrading your Items/Towers/Troops/Spells at the Blacksmith



This is the special "Friend" currency.

You can earn vouchers:

  • By entering a Friendcode
  • By having another player entering your friendcode
  • Every time a voucherfriend levels up
  • By completing Quests
  • From chests in the Chamber of Fortune
  • From Magic Chests

You can use them:

  • In the Voucher Bazaar to buy different offers (Gems, Landscapes, Items, Workers, Slots, Gold...)


Food (Bread):

This is what allows you to play and fight against other players or in the Dungeon!

You can earn Food:

  • From Farms (The Food is stored in the Silo)
  • From chests in the Chamber of Fortune
  • From Magic Chests
  • By using Gems to refill your Silo
  • By trading Vouchers for Food
  • By watching Videos for food (Android and iOS)

You can use it for:

  • Attacking other Players
  • Entering a Dungeon level


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