How do I get more Ambrosia?

There are a few ways how to get more Ambrosia:

  • Upgrade your Ambrosia Temple. The more you upgrade it the more Ambrosia will it produce per hour.
  • Conquer islands which produce Ambrosia. Not only will you get the Ambrosia which is stored on the island after conquering it, but the island will also begin to produce additional Ambrosia for you over time.
  • Place your Heroes on Ambrosia islands before leaving the game. Islands which have Heroes on them produce a lot more resources and are less likely to be lost.
  • Remember to collect the Ambrosia produced by your islands. After logging in, all islands which are still yours will have resources on them which you can collect. Tap on each island or simply use the "Collect all" button in the Tributes screen (the button with the ship icon on the left of the screen).
  • Get additional Ambrosia for free. Daily Chests and Bonus Chests which you get for viewing videos will often contain some Ambrosia. You can also find Ambrosia in the Vault of Hephaestus after winning a battle.
  • Complete Quests. You can get a bit of Ambrosia by completing some of the Quests, e.g. by unlocking new troops (by upgrading the War Academy), discovering new islands (requires Dominance), destroying Barricades in battle or upgrading the Ambrosia Silo.
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