How can I make sure my account progress is safe?

If you are playing on iOS, Android, or on a Windows PC, connect your device and game to the Cloud feature. Apple offers iCloud, Android Google Play Games, and Windows OneDrive. All of these services are free and will keep your game connected to your account. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations we currently cannot offer cloud services for Windowsphone users.

Please note that playing without connecting your game to the cloud will lead to a loss of your game account and progress if you should reinstall the game or reset your device. Cloud services support only one save game per account. You can't have multiple Royal Revolt 2 saves per device. Every Royal Revolt 2 savegame requires a unique cloud account.

Cloud saving on Android:

After installing and starting Royal Revolt 2, you will be asked to select a Google account to which you want to connect and save your game progress. Please select your desired account there. If you don't have an account yet, you also have the possibility to create one. You should also be sure to log in with your Google Play Games account in the Royal Revolt 2 settings menu. From now on, your game progress will be saved automatically to the Google Play Games cloud.

Cloud saving on iOS devices:

You can use Apple’s iCloud to save, recover and transfer your account to any iOS device:
Go to your device settings and scroll down until you see "iCloud". There, tap on Apple ID. If you already have an account, simply log in. If you don't have an account yet, create your own new Apple ID. Enter Royal Revolt 2. The game should now force a iCloud pop-up. Please follow the instructions on the screen to connect your account to iCloud. Also be sure to enter the Royal Revolt 2 settings menu and tick the checkbox next the cloud symbol.

From now on, your game progress will be saved automatically via iCloud.

Windows users:

If you are playing Royal Revolt 2 on a PC with Windows 8.1 or above, you are able to save your game progress with the help of OneDrive.

Once you have connected to your OneDrive account, the game will automatically save your progress in the OneDrive cloud.

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, we currently cannot offer cloud services for Windowsphone users. The player is therefore not able to save his game progress in a cloud. If you should lose your account, please contact Customer Support.

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