I have lost my account, what can I do?

If you have lost your Royal Revolt 2 account, please try to connect to the corresponding cloud service (Game Center for iOS devices, Google+ for Android or OneDrive for Windows Desktop) with the account you originally have saved your game progress to.

If you are still unable to restore your account or play the game on Windows Phone, please create a new game on your device and send a support request with the following information:
• The player name you used in your lost game
• The player name of your newly created game
• Some sort of proof that the lost game in question is actually yours (i.e. number of gems, number of pearls, your king's level, the approximate registration date of your lost account, information about your buildings or your currently running upgrades).
Providing as much of the required information as you can will help the support team to resolve your ticket as quickly as possible.

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