• Hero Items

Your Hero can equip up to eight pieces of Equipment:

  • Cloak/Amulet
  • Gauntlets
  • Chest armor
  • Weapon
  • Bracelet/Amulet x2
  • Shield
  • Boots

Your Hero starts with an inventory of 25 slots. An additional 10 free slots are added each time a Hero is unlocked. You can purchase additional slots with Gems.


  • How can I buy items?

You can receive items for your heroes from Item Chests.

Chests come in different rarity levels. The higher the rarity of a chest, the better the items that you might find inside.


  • How do the Shield properties work that are part of certain items?

The magical Shields that are part of some items reduce the percentage of damage that your hero will take by attacks. Therefore, your Hero has a higher chance of surviving in battle.

The exact number of damage reduction is calculated through a comparison of the shield’s value and the hero’s hit points pool. Obviously, better shields will block a higher percentage of damage. 


  • Can I use every Item with every Hero?

No, some Items are Hero-related and can only be used by this certain Hero. Other Items can be used by all of your Heroes.

To see if a certain item is compatible with your Hero(es), please check the name below the Item name itself.

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