• What are the Insta-Troops?

The Insta-Troops are troops donated by other players of your Alliance or Friends, summonable during the battle for free!

  • Where can I find the Insta-Troops menu?

You can access the Insta-Troops menu:

  • From the battle loadout upon pressing the Insta-Unit Slot (this is valid for all modes, normal fights, war, dungeon)
  • As shortcut from the top buttons in the Troop Academy
  • As shortcut from the top buttons in the Friend menu
  • As shortcut from the Alliance chat
  • As card in the Social Menu, next to the Friends-card
  • As card in the Alliance Menu after the Elite Boost & War Boost Card, before the Alliance Leaderboard Card


  • How can I get Insta-Troops?

In order to get Insta-Troops, you just have to go to the Insta-Troops screen.
Once there, tap on “Request” and select the type of Insta-Troops you would like to have.
Be careful, if you select one type of Insta-Troops, all the donated Troops will fill the slots, so synchronize with your mates before!
After selecting which type of Troops you would like to receive, you have to wait until the cooldown is over.
The cooldown depends on your Alliance Tower level.

  • Can I decline or remove Insta-Troops from the queue?

You cannot decline Insta-Troops, however you can remove them from your queue.
In order to do so, you just have to tap on the red cross in the top right corner of the slot.

  • How can I get more Insta-Troops slots?

You need to fulfill some missions to unlock additional slots.
For example, if you are member of an Alliance you will unlock an additional slot.
The required actions are written below the slot.

  • How can I donate Insta-Troops?

You just have to go to the Alliance chat and tap on the Donate button under the name of a player. You will then be able to select how many times you wish to donate Insta-Troops to this player.
You can also go to your Friends list and tap on the donate button if a friend requested Insta-Troops

  • What influences the level of the Insta-Troops?

The Insta-Troops you receive will always have the level of the donating player, but they will be at least level 1.

  • Can I donate Troops I haven't unlocked yet?

Yes this is possible, but note this Troop will be level 1!

  • What is the Return Favor button?

If someone donated you Insta-Troops, you can tap on the “Return favor” button to donate back to this player.

  • How can I unlock more Insta-Troops?

You need to increase the level of your Alliance Tower to unlock more Insta-Troops.
You can see the prerequisites on the Troop tile.

  • How can I use the Insta-Troops in battle?

The Insta-Troop button is between the Troop and the Spell buttons.
This button starts with a cooldown so you cannot spawn Insta-Troops right away.
After you summoned the first troop, the cooldown is triggered again.

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