What is Dominance and how do I get it?

Your Dominance determines how good you are at conquering and defending islands.

Dominance is needed for:

  • Exploration. Unlock new island areas by reaching the required amount of Dominance. Each new island area offers higher rewards and more challenging opponents.
  • Heroes. Unlock new Heroes to use in battle by reaching the required amount of Dominance. Each Hero has a unique Power and different bonuses.

There are a few ways to gain Dominance:

  • Defending islands. Each of your islands which is defended by a Hero produces Dominance over time. You can see how much Dominance your islands have produced since your last login via the Tributes screen.
  • Winning battles. You instantly get some bonus Dominance upon winning a battle with a result of 100%.
  • Vault of Hephaistos. Each chest in the Vault has a chance to contain Dominance.
  • Opening chests. Daily chests and most other chests can sometimes also contain a bit of Dominance.

Your Dominance will never decrease. There is no way to lose it and you won't actually "spend" it when unlocking something which requires Dominance.

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