Prestige System

  • How do I unlock the Prestige system?

You must first purchase a decoration, the earliest that decorations become available is at Heroes Temple level 2.

  • How do I activate or prolong Celestial Boosts?

You can activate or prolong the Prestige mode:

  • By achieving a new Prestige level
  • By spending Gems via the Prestige menu


  • Can Prestige be spent?

No, it is similar to Worshippers or Dominance, which only increase and never decrease.

  • How do I gain / level-up Prestige?

Prestige can be gained by decorating Mount Olympus. Prestige can also be earned via Daily Blessing Chests.

  • What benefits do I get by having Prestige mode active?

This is dependent on your Prestige Level. The higher your Prestige Level, the more Celestial Boosts you'll have active when this mode is enabled.

  • How do I play as Zeus and Hades?

You must reach the required Prestige Level to unlock Zeus or Hades. After performing an attack with either Zeus or Hades you'll see a countdown counter on the attack button signifying when you can next use them. The battle cooldown reduces with each Hero specific Prestige Level reached.

  • Where can I see which boosts I have activated?

You just have to tap on the “Active Boosts” button on the Celestial Boosts screen.

  • Why are some boosts not highlighted even though I unlocked them previously?

If you unlock two or more Celestial Boosts of the same type (such as Gold Production boosts or Alliance Donation Bonus boosts), only the best boost of that type will activate. It replaces any previous boosts of the same type.


  • Is there a maximum activation time for the Celestial Boosts?

There is no limit to the amount of time for which you can prolong your Celestial Boost activation.

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