• How do I unlock the heatmaps?

You need to build your defense and setup your waves in the Guard of Thanatos in order to unlock access to the heatmap.
The button will remain greyed out until you are attacked by another player.

  • What can I see on the heatmaps?

You can toggle on/off the following

  • Defender units deaths
  • Attacker units deaths
  • Hero deaths
  • Powers used
  • Invocations used


  • What is the difference between the green flare and the black flare for the Hero deaths?

The green flare symbolizes a point where the attacker’s Hero died, but was resurrected. The black one symbolizes a death (without reviving).


  • Why doesn't my heatmap display information anymore?

If you changed your defense, your heatmap will be reset after you restart the game. As soon as another player attacks you again, you will have a new heatmap available.

The heatmap includes the last 20 attacks over a period of 72 hours maximum.

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