Can I transfer my account to another device?

Transferring your account is possible from and to any kind of device that supports Olympus Rising.

For example, it is entirely possible to transfer your account from Android to iOS if you wish.


In order to transfer your account successfully, please complete the following steps:


Go to the Community Menu (through the helmet icon)

Go to Options.

Click on "Link account".



You can choose between two options:

  • Linking the account to another device
  • Linking the account from another device


If you want to transfer your account to another device, please proceed as following:

  • Click on "Link Account"


  • A new window will appear with a code:


This code is valid for 60 seconds.

  • On the device you want to transfer the account to, click on "Receive Account"


  • A new window will appear where you can type in the code:


 Please keep in mind you only have 60 seconds to type in the code provided by your other device.


  • Once the code has been entered and you click on "Confirm", a new window appears on each of your devices:
  • For the device you want to link your account from:


  • For the device you want to link your account to:


Your game will restart and your account will be available on your other device.


Please keep in mind the amount of transfers is limited to 1 transfer every 30 days.

If you try to link your account more than 1 time in 30 days, you will get disconnected and your account will not be linked.

Be careful when you link your account as it can NOT be reverted and the overwritten account can NOT be restored.

Please also note the overwritten account will be replaced by the linked account on all devices it is on.

Please note that we cannot not manually transfer your account or offer additional transfers in the meanwhile.


Please note that your account will remain available on your previous device as stated here: Security reminder about transferred accounts

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