Avoiding accidental purchases


If you want to avoid accidental in-app purchases, you might want to adjust your settings in the Google Play Store.

Please follow these steps:
- Access the Google Play Store.
- Go to 'Settings.'
- Go to 'User Controls,' then activate the setting 'Use password to restrict purchases.'
- Enter your new password and choose 'Confirm.' 

Any in-game purchases after having activated these settings will first require you to enter your security password.

In addition, if your device is running Android OS 4.2 or higher and someone else is using it on a regular basis, you might be able to create a different profile for them:

- Go to: Settings --> Users --> Add user, then follow the on-screen instructions.



If you want to control the level of security for each step of the purchasing process, go to: Settings --> General --> Restrictions.

Once in the 'Restrictions' menu, you can enable/disable restrictions there by entering your password.

After restrictions are enabled, search for 'In-App Purchases,' where you can completely disable in-app purchases (turn the settings to OFF), or manage the frequency of password enquiries by using the 'Require Password' button.

If you want to keep the ability to make in-app purchases, yet want to add additional level of security, you can set the device to require your password every time you make a purchase (select 'Immediately') or after a set amount of time (e.g. every fifteen minutes).

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