Guild Basics

Joining a Guild allows players to team-up and gain benefits including the ability to gain boosts and request Card Pieces.


Creating a Guild

Any player can create a Guild for the price of 100 Gems.  The creating player is automatically given the rank of Chief within the Guild.


Joining a Guild

Guilds can set whether they are open to all players, except players through invitation or application, or invitation only.  This will be indicated in the Guild’s profile.

Players can join a guild by using the ‘Search’ tab in the Guild menu, or using the global Leaderboard, and making contact with a Guild that is either open to all or accepts invitations.

Likewise, Guilds can invite players by searching or using the Leaderboard.

Managing a Guild

There are four ranks within a Guild: Chief, Right Hand, Veteran, and Member.  Both Chiefs and Right Hands are able to promote Guild members, change the Guild’s name, and edit the Guild’s Profile.  There are no restrictions to how many members within the Guild can hold each rank.

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