Buildings and Resources in the Stronghold and Conquest - What do they do?

Several buildings can be built in your Stronghold which produce special resources for Conquest. The resources are as follows:

Stones - used to build and upgrade Watchtowers in Conquest. 

Wisdom - used to unlock upgrades in the Tech-Tree.

Troops - used for attack and defence in Conquest. Troops can be assigned to Heroes or Watchtowers to boost your attack or defensive capabilities and gain an advantage over your enemies. 

Builders - used to build and upgrade Watchtowers on the Conquest map.

While many of these buildings can be built and upgraded using Alliance Gold, others cost Gems to build and upgrade. You can find a list of buildings that you can build in the Stronghold, along with the purpose of these buildings: 

Alliance Headquarters - headquarter level influences the number of troops that can be assigned to heroes in Conquest. You can also increase your headquarters level in order to upgrade other Stronghold Additionally, the higher your headquarters level, the further you can upgrade other buildings in your Stronghold. 

Stone Depot - Stores Stone produced by your Quarry. You can increase the capacity of the Stone Depot by upgrading it. 

Troop Quarters - This building stores your Troops. Upgrading it improves the unit capacity. 

University - used to store Wisdom. More Wisdom can be stored by upgrading the University. 

Builders' Quarters - This is where builders are stored. You can store more builders by upgrading this building. 

Quarry - Produces Stones. The Quarry can be upgraded to increase the amount of Stones produced per hour and the maximum capacity of Stones that can be stored. 

Alchemist's Laboratory - Produces Wisdom. You can produce more Wisdom per hour and the max. storage capacity for Wisdom by upgrading this building. 

Training Camp - Trains Troops for Conquest. The amount of Troops trained per hour and the maximum storage capacity for Troops can be increased by upgrading the Training Camp. 

For more information about these buildings and resources, please refer to this detailed Player's Guide on our official Royal Revolt 2 forum here.

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