What is the Stronghold?

The Alliance Stronghold is a shared place for all members of an Alliance and home to Alliance Stronghold buildings.

If your Alliance has a minimum of 15 members it can participate in a Conquest Event. Every member of an Alliance can access the Alliance Stronghold at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running. It is a safe haven for each Alliance member to gather, contribute resources and plan strategies.

What do Alliance Stronghold buildings do?

Alliance Stronghold buildings generate and store the resources you will need during the Conquest. They can be upgraded by the Alliance Leader and Generals with Alliance Gold.

Alliance Stronghold buildings and their upgrades are permanent for the whole Alliance. They do not reset from one Conquest to another.

How many buildings are there and what is their purpose?

There are five Alliance Stronghold buildings in the Stronghold center:

  • The Alliance Headquarters - research Technologies and increase max Troops per Hero
  • The Builders’ Quarters - houses Alliance Builders needed to build Watchtowers
  • The Troop Quarters - houses the Troops your Leaders and Generals can assign to Heroes and Watchtowers
  • The Stone Depot - stores your Alliance’s Stone
  • The University - collects your Alliance’s Wisdom

In addition to the Alliance Stronghold buildings in the center of the Stronghold, each player has their own quarter with personal buildings which can be built and upgraded. 

  • The Training Camp generates Troops over time which can be assigned to Watchtowers and Heroes
  • The Alchemist’s Laboratory generates Wisdom over time used for research
  • The Quarry generates Stone over time which is necessary to build and upgrade Watchtowers

In order to make use of these resources, they need to be sent to the respective Alliance Stronghold storage first.

Whenever resources are used in a Conquest, they are taken from the respective Alliance storage and not from players’ buildings.

What are these Districts in the Stronghold?

All Alliance members have their own place in the Alliance Stronghold.

There are eight Districts in the Alliance Stronghold. Each District can house up to eight Alliance members.

Here you see all other Alliance members, their personal Alliance Stronghold buildings and levels. We now also have an overview screen that shows each alliance member's contribution.

What happens to Alliance Stronghold buildings when no Conquest is running?

You can access and upgrade your Alliance Stronghold buildings at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running or not.

What happens to your personal Stronghold buildings when no Conquest is running?

You can access and upgrade your personal Stronghold buildings at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running or not. Upgrades started during a Conquest keep running until they finish. Your buildings do not produce any resources while upgrading. It may be wise to upgrade them in-between Conquest Events.

What happens to my buildings when I leave my Alliance?

You will keep your personal Stronghold buildings and upgrades. They can be accessed again after joining your new Alliance.

The Alliance Stronghold buildings and their levels are directly tied to the Alliance.

What happens if my Alliance drops below fifteen members?

Alliance Stronghold buildings are permanent even if your Alliance drops members and is currently not eligible to part in the Conquest. Those buildings are only lost when the last member leaves and the Alliance is deleted.

If an Alliance drops below fifteen members during a running Conquest Event, they will not be eliminated from it. Only when the last member has abandoned the Alliance it will be eliminated from the Conquest.

What happens when I join a new Alliance?

You will have access to their Alliance Stronghold buildings as well as your own personal Stronghold buildings.

You will be able to send resources to the Alliance Stronghold storages and can fight in Conquest Events that have not started yet.

If you join while a Conquest Event is already running, you will not be able to access the Conquest Map and therefore not be allowed to fight for your Alliance.

You can however send your produced resources to the Alliance storage.

Learn more about Conquest here.

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