The Spells available to your Heroes in Super Spell Heroes vary greatly in power and effect.  These are divided into Element, Category, and Type.



There are currently four Spell Elements in Super Spell Heroes:

  • Fire Mana – Predominately offensive Spells.
  • Nature Mana – Predominately defensive Spells.
  • Light Mana – A mix of offensive and defensive Spells, and often place additional Light Mana cards on your Playfield when used.
  • Earth Mana – A mix of offensive and defensive Spells, and often place Weakness Tokens on your Playfield when used.

Your Heroes each have access to Spells of two predetermined Elements, which cannot be modified.

Spells are cast by linking the Spell Card with one-or-more other Mana Cards of the same Element in the Playfield.  The more cards you link when casting a Spell, the more powerful the Spell will be.  It is not possible to combine different Elements into a single Spell.



These determine the general power of the Spell:

  • Basic – The weakest Category and the first that your Hero will have access to in each Battle.  You can have three Basic Spells equipped at a time.
  • Advanced – You can have three Advanced Spells equipped at a time.
  • Elite – You can have two Elite Spells equipped at a time.
  • Ultimate – The most powerful Category and the last to be unlocked in each Battle.  You can only have one Ultimate Spell equipped at a time.

Each time your Spell Charge Bar is filled, the next Category of Spells is unlocked.  You charge your Spell Charge Bar by successfully casting Spells.



This determines the general function of the Spell:

  • Damage – Reduces the enemy Hero’s health.
  • Heal – Restores health lost earlier in the Battle.
  • Shield – Protects your Hero from incoming attacks.
  • Resistance – Requires a Spell of greater power to stop its effects.
  • Break Power – Shuts-down a Spell of lower power.

In addition to these functions, most spells have additional effects that may make them more useful in Battle than their raw power suggests.

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