Account Restore and Transfer

If you lost access to your account or want it transferred/synced to another device, there are a few steps that have to be observed:

1. If the account linking is toggled off or you are switching to a device with a different OS. The game will start a new account on the device you wish to continue playing. Please finish the first tutorial fight, and proceed to enter a ticket from the Settings Menu( Gearwheel icon in the top right) > Help and Game Guide > Create a new ticket.

2. In the ticket, please provide the following information:

  • The name of your old account
  • An estimate of the old account's registration date
  • The last time you logged in to your old account
  • The current amount of in-game currency (plasma, coins), your current player rank, and ranking points
  • If you have made any in-game purchases, it is mandatory that you provide us with a copy of the receipt of your last purchase (purchase id, date, item, and amount need to be visible)

    For information on how to access the receipt of your last in-game purchase, click here.

That's it! Once we have all this information, we can help you recover your lost account or help you sync it to a new device.

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