What are Pets?

Players can collect and empower a roster of pets that have unique functional perks when equipped. Here are some of the available Pets and their descriptions. You will discover many more in the game.


  • Stumpy is a happy “go lucky” log that will deliver physical damage. Stumpy’s kills restore health - Healing Boost 


  • Hammy deals physical damage and marks enemies with the highest health. Marked enemies take more damage - Bounty Master


  • Grouchy will deliver physical damage. May stun enemies and deals damage to stunned enemies - Mighty Pincers:


  • Nimbus delivers frost damage. Knockbacks enemies and may chill them.  Shatters a chilled minion - Eager Auger


  • Tove delivers frost damage per second. Tove's kills generate focus. Focus increases critical chance- Perfect Focus


  • Richard delivers fire damage and revives you once per boss fight. Revive grants invulnerability for a few seconds - Rise and Shine


  • Flare delivers fire damage. Deals splash damage and may burn enemies.  Has splash damage radius - Mortar Blast


  • Ribbits deliver void damage and pulls in enemies and may poison them. Poisoned enemies are slowed - Sticky Poison


  • Edna delivers void damage. Lunges at enemies and may panic them. Deals void damage to nearby enemies - Quill Aura


  • Voidling delivers void damage and slows enemies. Slowed, stunned and trapped enemies take higher damage - Expose Weakness


  •  Feng delivers fire damage and grants Overshield based on your max health. Higher dodge chance while Overshield is active- Escape Artist


  • Popper frost damage per second. Popper’s kills restore mana and can even fully restore it - Mana Rush




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