There are eight main factions in-game that are connected in three allied factions.

Main Factions

Aeldari – Contains the Drukhari, Craftworlds, Harlequins, and Ynnari, so Aeldari decks are highly flexible. They’re also one of the more ‘psychic-oriented’ factions, meaning you can balance all the attack types or focus on one.

Necrons – Necrons have no psychic attacks, but can do well in both ranged and melee combat. Their specialty is survival, outlasting other factions with the number of cards and Wounds they can bring to battle.

T’au – Favour ranged attacks (and are probably the strongest faction in this area) but have no psychic cards at all. T’au decks tend towards a few very high Wound cards supported by cheap infantry and Drones.

Servants of the Emperor – Because it includes all the Imperial armies other than Space Marines, this is the largest and most diverse faction. Decks tend towards melee or ranged attacks with some cards having psychic attacks as well. This faction can easily fill all bodyguard slots with cheap cards.

Space Marines – A large faction containing all the Space Marine Chapters. Most Space Marine cards can make at least two of the attack types with Grey Knights and Librarians cards having psychic attacks, meaning they’re flexible in battle.

Chaos – This faction includes Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons, so it is highly flexible, but with a tendency towards melee and psychic attacks. Chaos decks put the most emphasis on their Warlord, so they should be built around this.

Orks – Versatile in both melee and ranged combat. Thought needs to be given to how they’ll deal with opponents who may seem to be better than they are! Careful card deployment and use of the Warlords special rule must always be taken into consideration.

Tyranids – Favours melee attacks, but can create decks around ranged or psychic combat. Decks can be built around a horde of cheap cards or a few, high Wound monsters, but a combination of both offers the most flexibility.


Allied factions

Currently, these factions are ‘allied’ and can be used in each other’s decks, but only in casual battles:

  •  Ascendant = Aeldari, Necron, and T’au cards.
  •  Imperial = Servants of the Emperor and Space Marine cards.
  •  Destroyer = Chaos, Ork, and Tyranid cards.

Use the ‘Faction only’ and ‘Include Allies’ buttons on the deck building screen to toggle which cards you can see.

Note that no allies are allowed in Campaign and Ranked decks.

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