There are 8 factions in Warhammer Combat Cards. Some of them are Allies, and grouped as follows:


Imperial: loyal to the Emperor.

  • Space Marines: most can do two attack types. They are flexible in battle but have higher point cost. 
  • Servants of the Emperor: is the largest and most diverse faction. These decks tend towards melee or ranged and can fill all the slots with cheap bodyguards. 

Destroyer: their only goal is to annihilate and ravish.

  • Chaos: tending towards melee and psychic attacks, Chaos decks should be built around the Warlord. 
  • Tyranids: they slightly favor melee attacks and can be built around a horde of cheap cards or a few high Wound monsters. 
  • Orks: usually focused on melee combats (although some Orks can bring ‘Dakka’ to the battlefield too of course). Card deployment should be carefully executed to counter stronger melee opponents.

 Ascendant: they were born to expand and conquer.

  • Necrons: their specialty is survival and they often overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers. They are weak against psychic attacks but do well in ranged and melee.
  • Aeldari: one of the more ‘psychic’ factions, they make for highly flexible decks. You can balance different attacks or double down on one type.
  • T’au: they excel in ranged attacks but not psychic ones. These decks tend towards a few very high Wound cards supported by cheap infantry.


The Warlord’s faction you choose will determine which cards you can and cannot include in the deck!

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