Battles (War 101)

‘In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only War’.

When starting a battle your goal is to defeat your opponent’s Warlord before they destroy yours. It does not matter how many of your bodyguards are destroyed in a battle, as long as your Warlord survives. Each battle is against a deck created either by another player who is not online right now (this player’s deck will be controlled by the AI) or the game’s AI (usually in Campaigns).


Deploying and moving cards:

There are three battlefield ‘slots’ which you can deploy cards to - left, center and right. You deploy cards by holding and dragging them.

Cards attack the card opposite them unless there is no card there - in which case they attack the center card. Note that Warlord cards always deploy to the center of the battlefield: no matter where you place them they will swap positions with the rest of your cards to take the central position.



The battle is played in turns. The first turn will be determined by comparing the initiative value of yours and your enemies’ decks. Whoever has a higher initiative will make the first attack.

The initiative value is calculated by summing the initiative of all your cards - you cannot see this figure per card but you can see the final value of your force in the ‘Edit deck’ screen.



Each turn you will be able to select an attack type. After that your enemy will return your attack using the same type you picked. By tapping once on the attack type you are able to see the damage you will cause and receive. You can confirm the action tapping the icon again.

  1. Amount of damage you will inflict.
  2. Amount of damage you will receive.



Not all cards have all 3 attack types available to them. If a card shifts forward when you choose an attack type then that card will execute the action. If a card shifts backward that means it cannot make that attack. Instead it will Ready:

  • If a green / up arrow appears, the card will buff this attack type. All your cards will do more damage next time you choose it. 
  • If a red / down arrow appears, the card will debuff this attack type. All your cards will do less damage next time you choose it.


End of the Round bonus:

At the end of each round the two attack types you did not choose get an automatic boost - they will do more damage next time you choose them. The same will happen for your enemies’ unused attacks.


End of battle and rewards:

Reducing the enemy Warlord to zero Wounds wins you the battle and earns you a Warlord pack full of cards. Whether you win or lose a battle each bodyguard you’ve destroyed earns you a Skull. Collect 10 Skulls to win a Skull pack full of cards!

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