Building your Deck

When building your deck you might want to consider the following aspects:

  • Faction: the Warlord you pick will determine the type of cards you can include and therefore the strategy to follow. Each deck must include a Warlord. 
  • Allies: each deck might include up to 8 bodyguards. They can be picked from the Warlords’ faction or one of your allies. See the ‘Factions’ section for more info.
  • Initiative values: the deck with higher initiative will play the first move. Pay attention to the sum in the ‘Edit Deck’ screen!
  • Point cost: displayed in the top left corner of the card. Having a higher player Rank increases the number of available points for your decks. 
  • Warlords special rules: each Warlord has a ‘special rule’ which reflects how their faction fights in Warhammer 40,000. This special rule rewards you for taking cards of the Warlord’s faction but does not prevent you using allies - you just get less benefit from them. 
    Special rules are always active during battle. Some require your Warlord to be deployed while some are passively applied every turn. 
    You can see each Warlord’s special rule in three places:
    • On the card collection screen by tapping a Warlord to display it full screen and then by selecting the ‘special rule’ tab.
    • On the pre-battle screen where you choose to deploy or edit your deck.
    • During battles, by tapping the Warlord’s ‘portrait’ in the corner of the screen. This works whether the Warlord is deployed or still in the player’s deck.
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