Campaigns are timed events unlocked at Rank 5 where all the participating players battle increasingly difficult AI controlled decks. The goal of the Campaign is to win as many Victory Points as possible before the Campaign finishes.

When the Campaign ends you will be ranked with all the other participants in a Campaign leaderboard. The more Victory Points each player has relative to everyone else, the higher up the leaderboard they will be placed. Note that the actual number of Victory Points you have doesn’t matter - only where that places you in comparison to everyone else.


Campaign decks:

  • Every Campaign requires you to use a specific faction, so you need at least a Warlord of that faction to be able to take part in the Campaign.
  • No allies are allowed in Campaigns, so you’re restricted to cards of the Campaign’s faction.
  • Note that your Campaign deck is separate from your ‘normal’ deck - editing one doesn’t affect the other. 


Battle rules:

  • Winning the AI’s deck will score you Victory Points and make the AI opponent more powerful
  • Losing does not make you lose Points. Your next AI opponent will be less powerful
  • As the AI gets more points to spend, the amount of Points per win increases
  • Each attempt costs you ‘Energy’. Energy is replenished over time and cannot be purchased



When a Campaign finishes you earn specific fixed cards plus Campaign packs. Which rewards you get will depend on your final score in that Campaign (compared to all the other players taking part).

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