Unable to play on Facebook via browser or Game Room after update

Usually a few days after releasing a new version, we perform a maintenance to force all users onto the new version. We need to do this to unlock new features that the old game version cannot handle. This maintenance “forces” users to download the most current version so that all players play on the same version. Before this happens, for a short amount of time, namely between the release of the new version and the release of the force update, there are 2 game versions available: the old version on the devices of the users that have not done the update yet and the new version for those players who have already updated.

For the Facebook version, however, we are only able to provide one version and not two at the same time due to technical constraints directly related to the FB platform. Therefore, we can only make the new version available on Facebook after we performed the aforementioned maintenance.

If you update to the new version on your mobile device first and then attempt to connect via Facebook you will get the message "We have good news for you. We have just released a brand new update of Royal Revolt 2." And asks you to go to the Facebook store. This happens because the Facebook version is not available yet but your account on the mobile device is on the new version already. If this happened to you, you can only play on Facebook again after the maintenance update occurred. We recommend using your mobile device in the meantime.

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