What is "Rumble"?

Rumble is one of the types of autoplay gameplay present in Nonstop Knight 2. This event is better known as the PVP (Player versus player) mode, and it represents a type of multiplayer battle within the game between two participants.

You have to bring your skills to the table and earn Fame in the event. The matchmaking process is influenced by the player’s Power Level but also takes the Fame count into consideration as the player advances further in the event. 

In order for you to be able to participate in Rumble, you must complete the Volcanic Forge dungeon. Afterward, the event is available to play and it does not require any type of consumable energy to fully participate. Just equip your best armor and skills and the game will do everything for you!

Besides showing your strength and earning Fame, every milestone completed shall result in two reward options that you can choose from. After completing each Fame milestone, you have the opportunity to select which reward interests you the most. Your prize should reach your inventory as soon as your choice has been made.


You can receive anything from keys and lucky clovers to legendary items and cosmetics. At the end of the event, you shall be both notorious and gifted with amazing gifts worthy of your strength.

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