What is "Blacksmith"?

Meet Greta the Blacksmith in this exciting event! Toss a few tokens to her and she will work her magic on your armor and weapons. If you wish to perfect your Epic and Legendary items by reforging EXCLUSIVE perks in them, then this event is for you. 

In order for you to have the chance to meet our Blacksmith, you must complete the Volcanic Forge dungeon. Afterward, you shall be able to request Greta’s services when she stops by from her travels.

A few examples of the Exclusive perks that you might benefit from vary from adding a Lifesteal chance to adding more Weapon proficiency or even applying Truestrike chance on your weapon. All of the available perks can be consulted on the Blacksmith menu.

After choosing your desired perk from the choices displayed in the Reforge menu, you have the opportunity to keep or choose another perk instead. It’s all about choosing whichever option suits you best from our available perks list.

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