Dear Knights,

After two years of incredible adventures in the dungeons of Nonstop Knight, we have taken the difficult decision of discontinuing support for the Windows version of the game on the 13th of August 2020. The game will no longer be available and playable on Windows past that date.

All services on iOS and Android will keep running and continue to be supported.


Transfer of account progress from Windows to iOS / Android

Our Support Team will be able to transfer your progress to an account on an iOS or Android device. To request a transfer of your progress, please create a new account on iOS or Android and provide the information listed below when contact our Support Team to have your transfer request processed:

  • The name of your Knight in the Windows account
  • The name of your Knight in the new iOS / Android account (please try to use a unique name for the new account that makes it easy to identify) 
  • The 8 to 12-digit ID of your new account (can be found at the bottom right of the MORE section in the game's side menu)

Monetary refunds or compensation

Please note that no refund for previously made and successfully delivered in-app purchases can be granted due to shutdown of services, regardless of whether such purchases have already been (partially) consumed or not.

Furthermore, the discontinuation of Windows version does not qualify players for any other monetary compensation or compensation in game currency.

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