[NONSTOP CHUCK NORRIS] Shutdown of services on August 3rd, 2020

After a little bit more than three years of Chuck Norris beating endless waves of villains to save the multiverse in Nonstop Chuck Norris, we have taken the difficult decision to terminate all services and will be shutting the game down on August 3rd, 2020.

The game will no longer be playable nor available for download on the iOS & Android stores beyond this date.

All in-app purchases will be disabled on July 3rd, 2020 and all players will receive 69000 Gems that they can consume on items purchasable with Gems from the in-game Shop to enjoy the remaining days of Nonstop Chuck Norris.


Monetary refunds or compensation

Please note that no refund for previously made and successfully delivered in-app purchases can be granted due to shutdown of services, regardless of whether such purchases have already been (partially) consumed or not.

Furthermore, the shutdown of services does not qualify players for any other monetary compensation or compensation in game currency.


Player and account data

With shutdown, all player and account data will be deleted permanently from our system and cannot be restored 30 days after the service termination date.


Starter bundle in another Flaregames titles

Players who made purchases in Nonstop Chuck Norris can receive a gift of $10 worth of in-game currency in one of these Flaregames’ titles: Royal Revolt 2, Olympus Rising, Nonstop Knight, Nonstop Knight 2, Zombie Gunship Survival and Warhammer Combat Cards.

The request must be sent to our Support Centre before August, 3rd, 2020 in order to be processed.

Please ensure you have created an account and completed the tutorial in one of the games listed above before contacting our Support team in order to make the process faster.

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