What is "Conquest"?

Earn unique items by conquering the dungeon filled with enemies and loot!

The Daily Conquest event is an adventurous event from which you can obtain some amazing items which are exclusive to this gameplay mode. If you were ever wondering where a certain player got his Squid Rapier or his Swashbuckler Boots from, then you are in the right place. Win these wacky items for yourself!

You can start participating in the event only after you’ve completed The Shabby Fort Dungeon. The Conquest event will unlock itself right afterward and you can easily find it on the World map. The dungeons are all yours now!

Once you get in, you have the ability to choose the difficulty level according to your strength and skills. Complete the nodes available, enjoy the glory and receive your hard-earned Epic Marks. Then head to the Conquest Shop, where you can benefit from Daily Offers which are hard to refuse. Fancy something special? Then you should head back to the shop and check out the Special Offer of the day and find out if it suits you.

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