Crusades (Campaigns)

Campaigns are timed events where all players involved battle increasingly difficult AI-controlled decks.

Players take control of one side of the campaign, and the AI the other.

Each time you defeat the AI’s deck you score Victory Points, but the AI gets more powerful for your next battle.

Losing to the AI doesn’t score or lose you points, but does make your next AI opponent less powerful.

Campaign Energy

Each Campaign battle costs you a point of ‘energy’, and that energy is spent whether you win/lose the battle.

Energy recovers over time, and cannot be purchased.


Campaign Rewards

Campaigns have leaderboards rewards and mission rewards.
The more Victory Points each player has relative to everyone else, the higher up the leaderboard they place.

As soon as you’ve joined a Campaign, (fought a battle) you can see your current leaderboard position and the prizes you’ll earn if you keep your placement.

At the end of the Campaign, you score all the prizes shown for your position on the leaderboard AND all the prizes below that. Prizes can be:

1 – 3 copies of specific cards.

Campaign packs of cards from the factions taking part in the current Campaign.

Note that you don’t earn Skulls or Warlord packs for winning Campaign battles – only Victory Points.


Mission Rewards

Missions are usually available during the span of a campaign.
In order to gain points, you need to destroy enemy cards. You obtain 10 points for each card destroyed to which a 20% bonus is applied for each bonus card used.

Bonus cards are uniquely specified before and during a mission and can be viewed by tapping on the mission panel.
You can distinguish a bonus points card by the fact that they have a glowing frame around them when building your deck in campaign mode.
If you wish to identify the cards before the start of the campaign, you can check up your Collection tab.
The type of card is usually displayed on the back of it in the Keywords section, you can access the back of the card by using the flip option, which is displayed at the bottom-right corner, represented by an arrow.

Please note that mission points are different from Victory Points(VP) and these can be scored even if you lose a match.

Missions may also be available from time to time outside the duration of a campaign.


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