Warlord Special Rules & Card Traits

Each Warlord has a “special rule” which reflects how their faction fights in Warhammer 40,000.

You can see each Warlord’s special rule in three places:

  • On the card collection screen, by tapping a Warlord to display it full screen, then by selecting the ‘special rule’ tab.
  • On the pre-battle screen where you choose to deploy or edit your deck.
  • During battles, by tapping either Warlord’s ‘portrait’ in the corner of the screen. This works whether the Warlord is deployed or still in the player’s deck.

Note that only Warlords can have a special rule.


Card Traits

Each card has a single ‘trait’, which is unlocked when you upgrade that card to a high enough level. Legendary cards begin with their trait unlocked.

Further upgrades to that card will eventually increase the power of the card’s trait, and this can happen twice.

They have various functions and work differently one from another.
You can view them by tapping on the “Trait” panel which is unlocked when you reach the level to use it.

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